"This issue also brings to our readers the beautiful and provocative artwork of artists Jim Plaxco and Marilynn Flynn."

From the Spring Edition of "The Mars Quarterly" preview written by Alex Kirk © April 4, 2009
Full issue is available here:
The Mars Society


"Bonestell's art in science legacy lives on, and in my eyes the works of Marilynn Flynn carries forward that legacy with stunning results."

Excerpt from "The Art in Science " written by Waddell Robey © March 17, 2009
Full article is available here:
The Art in Science


"The end credits roll and that's the end of the program. Right? Wrong! There is no mention of this anywhere (why??) but we then get a sequential presentation (that lasts for about 4.75 minutes) of nine astronomical paintings of some real galactic images that were shown in the main program. The title of each painting is shown briefly at the bottom of each painting.

The paintings were created by Marilynn Flynn who is, and the viewer is not told this, a great space artist."

From a review of "Stargaze, Hubbles View of the Universe" DVD-Rom by Stephen Pletko © February 7, 2006
Full article is available here:


"This month's cover artwork has special meaning to me personally as it's one of the pieces that really got me hooked on space art many years ago and is still one of my all-time favourites. I first saw it included in David A. Hardy's Visions Of Space book and this particular image has always stuck with me since then....
I have chosen a selection of astronaut-themed images for this feature as I feel that Marilynn does such an amazing job of touching on the more human-side of space exploration. I trust that you will enjoy them as much as I do."

From editorial and inteview in "Estronomicon" Issue 5 by Steve Upham © September 2006
Full issue and interview is available here:
Screaming Dreams


"MariLynn Flynn's work focuses on the uniquely human aspects of space travel, and of living in space. Her touching picture "I Love An Astronaut" features an astronaut couple; with the woman looking into the eyes of her clearly-exhausted partner we are reminded that space is a place best explored by people, not machines, and however far technology advances, the real, hard work will always be done by men and women like these."

Excerpt from "Turner On Mars" written by Stuart Atkinson © January 28, 2006
Full article is available here:
Red Colony


"I am about to say that Marilynn Flynn has completely captured the wide-eyed, well-padded innocence of nauthood. Her Tharsis Gallery cheers me up, rubs my leg vigorously and everso gently requests that I join her on the observation deck."

Excerpt from "Envisioning A Del Taco One Day Near Olympus Mons" by Why the Lucky Stiff © March 22, 2005
Full article is available here:
Why The Lucky Stiff


"Notable women artists include....MariLynn Flynn, who creates planetary landscapes in the tradition of Bonestell and Pešek."

Excerpt from "Space Sciences - Artwork " by Ron Miller © 2002
Full article is available here:


"...They are nine paintings from Marilynn Flynn, one of the truly great space painters around, of objects featured on the DVD. This is an unexpected pleasure as she is a wonderful artist and it has been a while since I have seen any of her work. They are presented as widescreen images with just a note of their title, but are a very nice bonus indeed."

Review of "StarGaze: Hubble's View of the Universe " by Ian Morris October 8, 2000
Full review is available here:
Michael DVD


"The art gallery contains beautiful paintings and sketches from artists, depicting imaginary scenes of Mars landings and civilizations. It is a great addition to the disc and rounds up the package very nicely."

Review of "Mars: The Red Planet" November 16, 1999
Full review is available here:
DVD Review


"An artist's job is after all to show people what can be and not only what is, in that sense the artist is society's imagination, showing us images of worlds beyond our reach, Marilynn Flynn has done just that."

Excerpt from "Sharjah-based artist is in love with extra-terrestrial" in "The Khaleej Times"  by Hani M. Bathish © 1999


"Tharsis Gallery" is a collection of space art by Marilynn Flynn. As the name suggests, there is an emphasis on paintings of Mars and the exploration of it, but there's also artwork of other worlds and general human exploration of space. The pages here are very heavy with graphics so the pages will take a while to load on a slow connection. Given the quality of the artwork, though, it'll be worth the wait."

Review from SpaceViews Space Site of the Week " 1997

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